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baskets of vegetables at farmers market

Farmers Markets: Growing Food and Friendships

Farmers markets have a way reflecting the culture of the places they are in. Bustling and noisy or tranquil, hippies or white shirts, rural or urban, farmers markets also have a way of improving the health of their communities in so many ways. The market in my area is a really good example of that.

Lane County Farmers Market is straight-up one of the reasons I live where I do. If the circumstances of my life were to require a move, having a robust farmers market would be top-of-the-list relocation criteria.

No matter where the market sets up, it is a place where the community gathers not just to purchase farm-fresh produce, locally grown meats, seafood caught 60 miles away as the crow flies, honey, baked goods, and other delicious foodstuff. The market is a place where social and community ties are made, and where our economy is made stronger.